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The message of Sons of Norway.  Who are we?  --Social organization, insurance, cultural, etc.  There is a need to have a consistent message when speaking of Sons of Norway.

         117 years old

         400 Lodges

         3 countries

         cultural aspects of Norwegians

         fraternal benefits organization with a need to work within the insurance field to stay current and competitive


Sons of Norway also provides

         insurance solutions and fraternal opportunities

         celebrating fraternalism in communities through volunteerism and philanthropy

         believing in the power of knowledge and being dedicated to creating educational opportunities

         support Lodges with resources


To accomplish all these things, $1 million is realized each year from the Insurance side to Fraternal support.  Tens of thousands of dollars are spent each year via the Lodge revenue sharing programs.


Key Notes:

         $325,000,000 in assets

         $635,000 life insurance in force

         $5.3 million in death insurance payout

         $6 million in death annuity

         17400 life insurance certificates


plus it is more than dollars and cents

         community giving

         core values

         values held by Sons of Norway Lodges

         18,000 community events

         500,000 volunteer hours which makes over 8 hours per adult member

         $1 million contributed to community which works out about $3,000 per Lodge

         Sons of Norway Foundation work

o   Scholarships and grants

o   $100,000 awarded annually

o   $1.25 million awarded to date

         Fraternal programming that promotes cultural education and awareness

o   Skills program such as cooking, etc

         Keeping culture alive in an ever-changing world

o   Looks at modern as well as historical


Sons of Norway is passionate volunteers (eg. Ski for Light) and you should be proud of what you have achieved.  Now is time to look ahead.

Looking into the Future:

         Support Sons of Norway and Local Lodge meeting with Financial Benefits Counselors, and purchase financial products

         Help make your community through vibrant volunteerism and Lodge programing

         Keep heritage and culture of Norway by enjoying your membership benefits

         Keep Sons of Norway strong by sharing membership stories with others and ask them to join Sons of Norway



         What Sons of Norway can be is determined through the continuing efforts as that will make all the difference


At the District level, we can help by getting information out about success stories.  Remember to share with the Viking magazine and with the District website.